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  • @LudovicFauchet
    Thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately this plugin does not go deep enough in my case.

    Although I have tried another plug-in with a similar function that adds more granularity to what is extended to the system as searchable content.

    This plugin exposes custom fields set by AFC to the WordPress system search. It looks like the way sub_fields are stored are not global per-say; instead these are stored in a serialized manor inside of it’s global parent AFC field.

    If I wanted every SKU available from every product item, regardless of it’s product group. The sub_field for product_group/product_item/item_sku is only available via a serialized instance/variant of the global product_group AFC field.

    Data available to custom field search plugin:

    As you can see any given product item’s data is only available if I directly target/choose to add the serialized product_group_#/product_item_# to the list.

    Ideally it would be nice to have sub_field data exposed just like the parent fields, not a serialized instance of a parent.

    Current: Product_group_0_prodcut_item_0_item_sku
    Ideal: Product_group_prodcut_item_item_sku

    Making sub_field references available globally regardless of a serialized parent relationship.

    As a sudo fix for my problem,
    I’ve also set up some top level fields for SEO, mainly a meta description and keywords for each page/product. Via the custom field search plugin, I’ve added my SEO fields to it’s list.

    Now when product info is entered into a page, we also copy the SKU and name for each item into the keywords input. Then that data is available to the built in search.

    Please excuse the long post,
    I wanted to be thorough and share my plight on this mater to hopefully gather more incite into the gray area of AFC content & Search integration.