Home Forums General Issues is it safe to add properties to acf object ? Reply To: is it safe to add properties to acf object ?

  • ok ! indeed you are right, it will not be saved in the database, so that does not help me, I need to find another way 🙂

    What additional information i need to store ? it depends, but sometimes I would like to store additional information about a field, for example I used the value:label of the checkbox to store information in the ‘value’ part, and then i did some string manipulation to extract the values (ie. separating the portions with slash : for_action_email_notification/7days : send email -> extract the ‘7days’ part with explode('/', $value)[1])

    but it’s just a trick, I could also use one of the class or id of the field or it’s wrapper the same way, but I’m only cheating by using a property that is not made for that