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  • Ok, after the all tests we’ve done and no result was made i went to my wordpress to test your code, the result was the code worked smoothly, nothing wrong.
    Here is the result picture:

    So maybe it’s the way your doing wrong, in my case i create a page and then create i file on my theme with the ID of the page, e.g. page-7.php, there i put your code.

    On the configuration fields, i linked the fields to that page, nothing different and then your code i just changed the “row” to “row-flexible”.

    I’m sending 2 files: the first one is the .json with my configuration fields, the second is the page-7.php.

    How is the way that you are doing?

    Edit: You can of course set your code on the page.php normally but you can also create a “page template” and then set it on the configuration of the page. The last option is closer to the professional way. =D