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  • I know this is old, but the problem with most importers is that they don’t do images and other attachments and most of the ones you pay for can’t handle fields like repeaters and some of the other more complicated stuff, and even when they say they do they don’t always work… like one of them assuming that a post type named “product” means you are using Woo even when you don’t check the box and do check ACF. I think what we need is a plugin that works specifically with ACF and just ignores everyone else. If it was not attempting to be all things to all people it might do a better job at dealing with ACF.

    I’ve actually been building a php tool that does what I need by jamming everything directly into the DB. I’ve been getting a pretty good handle on what it takes to get ACF to see the data that’s been jammed in there. Problem is that I have to customize it for every site.

    Honestly the main issue I have doing through the WP interface is having the import timeout before it’s completed so I’ve been running it using a cron.

    What I’d really like to see is a system where you can associate columns in a spreadsheet with the post and meta keys to be inserted, upload csv files and images to be used in the import. It would also need to be able to handle custom post types, multiple taxonomies, custom taxonomies. It somehow also needs to contend with importing custom fields used on terms. And it has to be CSV because everyone wants to be able to edit the import in Excel and they want it to be easy, single columns of data.

    Too bad I don’t have a few months of vacation I could take..