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  • I have figured out the solution to my problem, helped by a YT video that appeared yesterday and gave me some clues.
    My original aim was to use some fields created on an Options Page with Elementor. After approaching ACF tech support and receiving a very cryptic and complex answer, most of which was unintelligible to me, I concluded that Elementor didn’t support the use of ACF Options Pages.
    My backup plan was to then use shortcodes to achieve what I’d set out to do.
    My folly was in creating a Group field in ACF and then putting those various subfields (e.g. business name, phone number) into that set. It didn’t work in Elementor and neither did the shortcodes.
    In the end, remaking the Field Group with discrete (i.e. not Group) fields totally solved the problem. I can now use Elementor’s dynamic fields control and shortcodes, if I prefer!
    Thank you for all of your help on this.