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  • Thanks for your response, John.
    I had no idea that ACF supported the use of shortcodes!
    Using this newly-gained knowledge from you, I understand that because I am getting the ACF fields from anywhere other than the current post (for me it would be one of many pages), then using a shortcode in the format [acf field="field_name" post_id="123"] should get me what I need, substituting the word ‘options’ rather than a post ID.
    Because one of the field names in what I created was business_name, I’ve created this shortcode: [acf field="business_name" post_id="options"] and placed it within some plain text.
    Using this within an Elementor text editor field doesn’t yield any result. Literally nothing appears on the front end other than the plain text preceding and after those square brackets.
    What am I doing wrong?