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  • This is getting weirder and weirder and beginning to think there is a bug somewhere.

    Here are two field I have:

    Key: field_64c782fc4c55d
    Name: qgis_aa_zoom
    Group: fs_ski_resort_data

    Key: field_64a54023795f5
    Name: fs_aa_zoom
    Group: fs_ski_resort_data

    I have tried the most basic code as follows to update;

    update_field('field_64c782fc4c55d', 12, 1074);

    If I go to my custom posts and look at the field, it is empty, however, if I do this;

    echo 'field_64c782fc4c55d: '.get_field(field_64c782fc4c55d, 1074);

    I get 12, as updated above. Bizzare.

    I have an API that calls the field by name, rather than key as follows;

    `$fs_ski_resorts_data[$i][‘fs_ski_resort_aa_zoom’] =
    get_field(‘fs_ski_resort_data_fs_aa_zoom’) ?:
    get_field(‘fs_ski_resort_data_qgis_aa_zoom’); `

    Above produces: "fs_ski_resort_aa_zoom": "", // empty string

    If I manually insert data via the view of my custom post type, say, 7, I get this;

    "fs_ski_resort_aa_zoom": "7",

    So there seems to be something going on in the database and things are not matching correctly.

    Any help appreciated.