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  • Woah so cool, thank you! I understand what I did wrong now 😀
    I changed the code slightly to make it simpler:

        if(have_rows("gesloten", "option")){
            echo '<table style="width: 100%;">';
                echo '<tbody>';
                while(have_rows("gesloten", "option")) : the_row();
                    $feestdag = get_sub_field("feestdag");
                    $datumgesloten = get_sub_field("datum");
                    echo '<tr>';
                        echo '<td>'. $feestdag .'</td>';
                        echo '<td>'. $datumgesloten .'</td>';
                    echo '</tr>';
                echo '</tbody>';
            echo '</table>';

    One last question. How can I style the columns to 50%?
    I tried adding a width=”50%” inside <td> but that did not get me the desired look.

    The top table is how I would like it to look. The bottom table is the current output.

    Tbale column spacing

    Thank you much for this