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  • Hello Sam, thank you! I created a shortcode using WP Code plugin with the code below:

    if(have_rows("gesloten", "option")){
        while(have_rows("gesloten", "option")) : the_row();
            echo get_sub_field("feestdag");
            echo get_sub_field("datum");
            echo get_sub_field("eind-datum");

    1. How can I now display these fields in the manor I suggested?
    2. There is one field that may sometimes be empty “eind-datum”. If empty, nothing should be shown. Also the dash in front of that date should not be shown. The output should like something like this:

    text-field 12/12/23 – 14/12/23
    text-field 16/12/23
    text-field 19/12/23 – 22/12/23
    text-field 27/12/23
    text-field 29/12/23

    Thank you!