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  • In both sets of code you are resetting the value to an empty array and then updating the field on each loop. This means that only the last value will exist when done.

    You need to build the repeater and update with all rows at the same time

    going by your first code

    $group_key = 'field_64e765bfc42ef';
    $repeater_key = 'field_64e76f9210338';
    $group_value = array();
    $repeater_value = array();
    foreach ($event->lineup as $item) {
      // add row to repeater
      $repeater_value[] = array(
        'field_64e770e717754' => $item->details,
        'field_64e770f317755' => $item->time
    } // end foreach row
    $group_value = array(
      $repeater_key => $repeater_value

    Now you can update the group field with the group value.

    Also, do not forget that if the group, or the repeater has any values other than these fields then you will need to get the current value of the group field and modify that existing value instead of starting with nothing.

    To get the value of the existing group before you updated in

    if (have_rows('group_field_name')) {
      // group field always true
      while (have_rows('group_field_name')) {
        // always happens 1 time for group fields
        // the row returns an array with field key => unformatted value pairs
        // ready for use in update_field();
        $group_field_value = the_row();