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  • To anyone still running into the same issue as the OP, something to try…

    But first: my issue was that I was doing some search and replace on the JSON file in order to save time and bulk modify text strings, etc. At the end of this, I would change the modified value and would find that SYNC wasn’t available…

    So, what helped me, which boils down to double check your modified value versus the file’s:

    • The issue for me was I didn’t note that the server timestamp was actually ahead of my local time (for whatever reason), so when I added a modified value that was current to my local time, it was still behind. In such a case, ACF won’t notice that the file has changed.
    • The easiest way to determine if this is your issue is to save the Field Group from the WP admin. Then note the modified value (remember that timestamps are “seconds since JAN 01 1970 UTC”). If your own timestamp is less than this value, then you need to increment from the saved file’s number.
    • Hope that helps someone!