Home Forums General Issues What does “Load Terms” in Field Group taxonomies do? Reply To: What does “Load Terms” in Field Group taxonomies do?

  • Thanks John. I know this isn’t a critical issue, so will mark this solved.

    I’ve determined that Save Terms is required in order for my block editor to reference the terms. So that will be required for me.

    I’ve tested scenarios, enabling and disabling Load Terms, and haven’t run into any issues. So I’ll leave that disabled in the interest of simplicity.

    If there are any videos, blogs, forum posts, etc., that go into the uses cases, I’d be happy to have those to read some more. I believe I understand the use case that a taxonomy is just an object that’s available as a global resource, and this Save Terms lets you define which scenarios (post type and field group) where it’s appropriate. Still a bit foggy on Load Terms.

    Thanks again!