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  • Thanks for the suggestion John

    I’m not entirely sure what to do with this code.

    I’ve put it in Code Snippets and edited it to the correct field key, given my function a name and chosen one of my levels that can be featured and put that role’s name in place of $role_can_create_featured (There are three levels that can so I will need to adapt the code to reflect this)

    But when I view the page that has the front end form on it for that level of membership (built with Dynamiapps Pro), and logged in as a user with that user role, the featured field is displaying but it isn’t ticked.

    I completed the form but left the featured field unticked but my new listing post doesn’t have featured set to true.

    So I’m not sure if your code is running or not – or whether the fact that the form is built in Elementor using the Dynamiapps Front End Admin makes a difference to how this should be approach.

    Hoping you have some further thoughts.