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  • Okay, so I double-checked again, for my membership_description meta key I get this field key reference: _membership_description right?
    it comes with the value: field_6357a757b976d

    Triple-checked there are no other meta_keys with this name for the examined user_id.

    I listed all of my users in phpmyadmin, and the key-value pair matched for each and every user, so everyone has the same DB entries.

    I tried:

    1. Deleting the field key reference value in the database
    2. Deleting the the field key value in the database
    3. Refreshed this user’s wp profile and found that the value was set to the default option, like it should.

    4. In the wp profile I chose a different option and saved it.
    5. The profile was still showing the default value, so no change, but in the database I see the new value now, the one that I just chose and saved.
    6. Also, when I saved the profile the field key reference value was reverted to its original value: field_6357a757b976d

    But you are right, this only happens with the imported users. Those who registered themselves the issue doesn’t occur.

    So what else could be blocking this wp user profile field (and only this) to get the right value from the database?

    Other fields like this work fine.