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  • Yes Edit and Add extend the MediaPopup. (EditMediaPopup, SelectMediaPopup)

    With different processing, fields, etc. as one would assume when editing versus adding.

    Within the ACF extension of mediapopup for editing, the attachment details are populated. This is where the issue is.'attachment')) when any folder plugin is used, will return no attachment details. This is due to the folder plugins defaulting to filter attachments to “uploads”, which then does not find the attachment.

    I did not intend to sort through the ACF code for editing an attachment. My hopes were that someone had already done so and could assist me to override the extension to return the attachment details.

    I have sent in an ACF ticket, hopefully they will know if I can override their extension to do what I need it to do. Which is to get the to use the attachment’s folder or look through uploads and its subdiretories.

    I have other clients to attend to, this is a very low priority to me. If they need to edit the actual attachment details they can from the media post itself and not the ACF edit form.