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  • @hube2 Here’s what the block’s data looks like from parse_blocks():

    Array (
       [blockName] => site/recipes
       [attrs]     => Array (
          [name] => site/recipes
          [data] => Array (
             [heading_level]                                   => h2
             [_heading_level]                                  => blocks-recipes-heading_level
             [items_per_page]                                  => 9
             [_items_per_page]                                 => blocks-recipes-items_per_page
             [show_pagination]                                 => 1
             [_show_pagination]                                => blocks-recipes-show_pagination
             [filter_categories_0_category]                    => easy_meal_categories
             [_filter_categories_0_category]                   => blocks-recipes-filter_categories-category
             [filter_categories_0_easy_meal_categories-value]  => 30-minutes-or-less
             [_filter_categories_0_easy_meal_categories-value] => blocks-recipes-filter_categories-easy_meal_categories-value
             [filter_categories_1_category]                    => consumer_symbols
             [_filter_categories_1_category]                   => blocks-recipes-filter_categories-category
             [filter_categories_1_consumer_symbols-value]      => dairy-free
             [_filter_categories_1_consumer_symbols-value]     => blocks-recipes-filter_categories-consumer_symbols-value
             [filter_categories]                               => 2
             [_filter_categories]                              => blocks-recipes-filter_categories
          [mode] => preview
       [innerBlocks]  => Array ()
       [innerHTML]    => EMPTY STRING
       [innerContent] => Array ()

    filter_categories is a repeater containing a dropdown to select the category and another dropdown to select the value. Each category has its own set of values so there’s a conditional on each value dropdown to match the selected category. That’s why for the value the category name is a part of the key filter_categories_0_<category>-value. In the above code, there are 2 filters selected, easy_meal_categories = 30-minutes-or-less and consumer_symbols = dairy-free.

    I realize I could do this the hard way and parse the keys out, but that’s brittle and especially difficult if repeaters are nested.