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  • Stumbled on this after some brief discussion with the PublishPress Capabilities Pro folks who suggested it might be possible to do what we need with ACF alone as they don’t currently have this capability…

    What we have: two custom roles, “Club Editor” and “Club Manager”, where editors generally manage a single club’s entries, and the Manager who can edit any of the clubs’ data.

    What we need: for administrators and Club Managers, we need to be able to enter the date of the last check received for renewal of both membership, and insurance, for each of the clubs, and for what calendar year these funds are applicable to.

    However, for the clubs themselves, they need to be able to read (but not edit) the fields, to verify the accuracy and receipt, of when their last check was received and logged, and for what calendar year those funds were applied

    (so, four fields total, two for ‘date’ marking receipt of checks, and two just recording the ‘calendar year’, but view/editable by Club Manager + Administrator, but viewable-but-not-editable by Club Editor)

    If I’ve been following the discussion aright, I should be avoiding using “disabled”, as in that case the field data would not be preserved across saves, but I’m still a little unsure how this should be best implemented in a current release (the enhanced message field plugin hasn’t been updated in 7 years) of ACF