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  • Hi there!

    I have the similar issue –
    In the mode of editing template parts there is no button to switch the editing mode – all the fields are displayed in the sidebar and with a large number of them it is very inconvenient. I tried all combinations of mode and supports – no reaction. At the same time, if the block is inserted on a normal page, not the template, everything works as expected.

    	"name": "acf/podcasts-categories",
    	"title": "Podcasts Categories",
    	"description": "A list of podcasts categories",
    	"style": [
    	"viewScript": "lbl-podcasts-categories-block",
    	"category": "lbl-blocks",
    	"icon": "category",
    	"keywords": [ "podcasts", "category", "post" ],
    	"acf": {
    		"mode": "auto",
    		"renderTemplate": "podcasts-categories.php"
    	"align": "full",
    	"supports": {
    		"align": true,
    		"anchor": true,
    		"mode": true,
    		"alignContent": false,
    		"spacing": {
    			"margin": true