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  • Hey there,

    Setting “mode: edit” in your block will only set the default mode that should be used for the block. If you then want to disable the toggle, you need to set “supports: mode: false” in your block.json too.

    	"apiVersion": 2,
    	"name": "acf/home-solutions",
    	"title": "Lösungen (Home)",
    	"description": "Der Lösungen Bereich - nur für die Startseite",
    	"category": "xxx",
    	"icon": "star-filled",
    	"keywords": ["home", "lösung"],
    	"acf": {
    		"mode": "edit",
    		"renderTemplate": "home-solutions.php"
    	"supports": {
    		"align": false,
    		"mode": false,
    	"style": ["file:./style/home-solutions.css"]