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    Please help me answer this conundrum about ACF Field. I have searched in many places but there is no answer, I can only hope in this place.

    Question: Should I name the SubField of the Repeater Field a simple separate name like: Title, Image… or should I include the parent field in it like: Parent_Subfield???

    Case 1: If I name Subfield as a simple name that does not include parent fields like Title, Image… but they will overlap and be the same as Subfield names in other groups of fields with the same subfield as Title, Image. … I’m afraid this will cause an error because ACF recommends that field names should be unique.

    Scenario 2: If I set a Subfield with a name that includes the parent field name along with a child field like parent_subfield – then I should be able to create unique field names and not confuse subFields in other field groups. But the problem here is that if used together with the parent field name in the child field, it will make the field name sometimes very long and confusing (especially with many layers of field groups and many repeating fields with subfields in the field). my project)
    Example: Field group name is Movie – group field is Video – repeat field is Hero Banner – Subfield is will be Image
    Then the name of the Image field will be movie_movievideo_movievideoherobanner_image

    It is very long and very confusing!

    I hope I have described it clearly enough for you to understand this dilemma
    So please give me the best solution for this?
    Once again I would like to thank you very much ^^