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  • Well, I can see where you’re coming from, but WPAI, like every other import plugin for WP is designed to work on 1 row of the import file equals 1 post in WP. I’m not surprised that they consider multiple rows into a single post out of scope.

    WPAI is able to populate the entire repeater but this requires having all of the rows and sub fields in a single cell of the import. I have done this and yes, it can be a lot of work to put the data into the cell. When I did this for the client I set up a spreadsheet for them, and I only remember the basics, it was a long time ago. I created an excel spreadsheet that had 2 sheets in it. In one sheet they added the product ID field and a line for each row of the repeater and in the sheet that was imported there was a function built that would build the content for the cell based on the product ID and the data entered into the other sheet. It was extremely complicated, more-so than just entering the data, but it ensured that the client could not enter the data for the repeaters incorrectly.