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  • This tries to send the email but to no recipient

    add_action( 'acf/save_post', 'my_acf_save_hook_email', 5); function my_acf_save_hook_email( $post_id ) { 
    // bail early if no pds_project_manager 
    if( empty('pds_project_manager') ) { 
    return; }
    // Get the value of the ACF field 
    $project_managers = get_field('pds_project_manager', ''); 
    // Create an empty array to store the emails 
    $emails_to_send = array(); 
    // Loop through the project managers 
    foreach ($project_managers as $project_manager) { 
    // Get the user data 
    $user_data = get_userdata($project_manager); 
    // Check if the user already exists in the array 
    if (!in_array($user_data-> user_email, $emails_to_send)) { 
    // Add the user to the emails to send 
    $emails_to_send[] = $user_data->user_email; } } 
    // Send emails to the users 
    foreach ($emails_to_send as $email_to_send) { 
    // Send the email 
    wp_mail($email_to_send, 'You Have Been Added To A Project', 'You have been added to a project. Please check the project page for more information.'); } }