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  • Hello,
    I have a site in wordpress with wpml and acf plugins.
    I have a custom field group in my site and i have included some custom fields inside it with various types (text, image, text area etc). One of them is type Flexible Content and i have defined 2 text sub_fields inside it. The issue that i have come across, is when i try to retrieve data from this sub_field in any language except of english, it is returned the key name not the absolute name i have set in these fields.

    For example
    These are the the properties of my sub-field of flexible content field
    “key”: “field_63d3e86dc6b86”,
    “label”: “Title”,
    “name”: “title”,
    “aria-label”: “”,
    “type”: “text”,
    “instructions”: “”,
    “required”: 0,
    “conditional_logic”: 0,
    etc. }

    In english i have this data returned as below (as i wanted to be)
    [//flexible content field
    “acf_fc_layout”: “”,
    “title”: “test”, //text sub-field with name title
    “image”: “test1”, //text sub-field with name image

    In any other language:
    “acf_fc_layout”: “”,
    “field_63d3e86dc6b86”: “test”, //instead of title is returned field_63d3e86dc6b86
    “field_63d3e86dcd5”: “test1”,//instead of image is returned field_63d3e86dcd5

    I have not figured out why this happening, as i have set the same sub_field names in all languages.Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!