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  • Thanks! That was very helpful. What I was trying to do was loop through a certain set of post types and dynamically add them as subfields of a group along with a bunch of subfields for each post type.

    You were correct that I should be doing it when the group field is registered, not when it loads.

    Also, all field keys should start with ‘field_’ not ‘sub_field_’. I still could not get the options to save, however, because of another problem.

    Because I was using a foreach loop to create the subfields on each post type, I was using a random number on each pass through the loop, trying to prevent duplicate field keys.

    What I didn’t realize was that this meant the field keys kept changing. Every time I tried to save options, the field key would change, so of course nothing was saving in the database!

    So, to fix it I just had to use the post type in the field keys instead of a random number. That way they would be unique AND permanent. Problem solved!

    Thanks again.