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  • I don’t know.

    This is what I do know. The error in your OP is happening on a line where elementor Pro is getting a value for from the ACF field using the ACF function get_field(). This is returning no value. The only thing that will cause this is if the field does not exist or get_field() is called before ACF in initialized.

    here is the line in elementor pro

    list( $field, $meta_key ) = Module::get_tag_value_field( $this );

    the php function expects that the value on the right of the = is a non empty array. Here is the function being called.

    // For use by ACF tags
    public static function get_tag_value_field( Base_Tag $tag ) {
      $key = $tag->get_settings( 'key' );
      if ( ! empty( $key ) ) {
        list( $field_key, $meta_key ) = explode( ':', $key );
        $document = Plugin::elementor()->documents->get_current();
        if ( 'options' === $field_key ) {
          $field = get_field_object( $meta_key, $field_key );
        } elseif ( ! empty( $document ) && 'loop-item' == $document::get_type() ) {
          $field = get_field_object( $field_key, get_the_ID() );
        } else {
          $field = get_field_object( $field_key, get_queried_object() );
        return [ $field, $meta_key ];
      return [];

    I’m guessing that this function is failing to get the ACF field object and returning an empty array. There isn’t

    Is it possible that you have a field set in an element widget that no longer exists?