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  • Hi John, and many thanks.

    Re: custom PHP code, I do have 3 tiny PHP files sitting in my child theme’s includes directory, each of which interrogates an ACF field, and based on the status of that field, returns a different value to the shortcode on the product webpage. The code these 3 files contain is simply this:

    <?php function ph_isSold_shortcode( $atts ) 
    	/*$status = get_field('field_5fbfa6ddbe952');//the Sold? checkbox */
    	$status = get_field('sold_status');
    	if ($status)
    		return $status;
    add_shortcode( 'soldornot', 'ph_isSold_shortcode' );


    There is one like this for the Rare checkbox, and another for the “Just Arrived” checkbox. = 3 files

    A fourth file in this directory displays a “Send Purchase Enquiry” button if and only if the Sold checkbox has been set to “on”.

    There is a 5th file in this includes dir, but this comes from Elementor, is called admin_functions.php and does only this (documentation at top file):
    * Hello Elementor admin functions.
    * @package HelloElementor

    * Show in WP Dashboard notice about the plugin is not activated.
    * @return void
    … their code here.

    Would my 4 files be causing the warning messages, in your opinion?

    Many thanks!