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  • I got to agree with @hube2 here – this is not the place to be sharing such opinions. As with your opinion of ACF not using WP right – I personally don’t feel you are using this community support tool right either – in that kind of analogy.

    The “entire” WordPress community (as you mentioned) does not fit what you are saying. Like any business/product/service, there are niches and finding the right one to benefit your needs/desires is important. But, nothing is a 1 size fits all. If it doesn’t fit yours… either move on to something else that does or more productively, learn to do it on your own instead of relying on something else.

    In theory… we don’t have to use WordPress to build a website, but it improves the experience, turnaround time, security and so much more. Therefore, it is a tool that helps make things easier, just like ACF.

    Obviously… WordPress is not providing you a “Fully Featured Tool” as you are having to go beyond its native abilities too, right?

    I respect and feel you have frustrations, but what is really going to be the expectation or result of this posting?

    WordPress Ecosystem in general gets a bad wrap for such theories.. as you have actual real developers, enthusiasts, power users, do-it-yourselfers, and I can go on. Every one has its strengths and weaknesses (and at various levels). Nevertheless, at the end of the day… the real spirit is code and anything beyond coding things ourself… is merely a tool that can be subjective to your opinion.

    Open Source for that matter… that is the real spirit. Take what has been given to us and utilize it for what it is, or help others out and contribute to it to help it and others using it grow.

    Just my .02 – sorry you feel frustrated.