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  • I cannot manage to get this working whatsoever…. hopefully someone can assist. Perhaps things have changed in the last 8 years and there is a better way to do this?

    Here’s my code to display my form:

        <?php acf_form(array(
            'post_id'       => 'new_post',
            'id' => 'new-email',
            'new_post'      => array(
                'post_type'     => 'emails',
                'post_status'   => 'future',
                'field_groups' => array(1091),
                'post_title'    => true
            'return' => '',
            'submit_value'  => 'Add new email'
        )); ?>

    Not sure if I have the field_groups ID correct or not. Not sure how to retrieve that. Is that the “post id” of the field group?

    Here’s my functions file code:

    add_filter('acf/pre_save_post' , 'emails_pre_save_post', 10, 1 );
    function emails_pre_save_post($post_id) {
      // check if this is to be a new post
      if ($post_id != 'new_emails') {
        return $post_id;
      // The date picker field
      // change field_563657f49b4d9 to the field key of your date field
      $postdate = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', strtotime($_POST['acf']['field_emails_email_scheduled_date']));
      // Create a new post
      $post = array(
        'post_type' => 'emails',
        'post_title' => $_POST['acf']['_post_title'],
        'post_status'  => 'future',
        'post_date'  => $postdate,
        'edit_date' => true
      // insert the post
      $post_id = wp_insert_post( $post ); 
      // return the new ID
      return $post_id;