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  • Hey Elliot, I explained that pretty poorly, sorry.

    The issue is that after updating to PRO (or possibly from 1.0 to 1.1) all the link fields basically were allowing no types of posts except ‘archive’ (so not allowing post, page, or media). Previously they were set to allow everything.

    When you create a new link field in the latest version it shows placeholder text:

    Filter by Post Type : All Post Types

    In my case, it had no placeholder text or anything selected at all.

    I had to go through each field and add a filter (like page, post, media, etc), save the change to the custom field set, then edit it again and remove these filters. After doing that it would then show the ‘all post types’ placeholder text and display all post types again.

    My assumption would be that in the switch to the Chosen plugin, the way that no filters was handled isn’t coming across properly, and so the filter is acting like there is a selection, but then returning a negative for everything (except archives, which doesn’t appear to be a filter option in the chosen field)

    Does that make more sense?