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  • Hi bentangible!

    Thanks for the fast reply! Yes i made a custom product loop skin for my site. Maybe i should be more specific about the thing i want to achieve with ACF.

    So as default woocommerce has a thumbnail upload option for the core Categories taxonomy, but not for tags or custom taxonomies: Image

    This image can be pulled dynamically by elementor under the Dynmic tags-> Woocommerce-> Category Image as shown: Image

    I want to replicate this dynamic image function from woocommerce, so i created a custom taxonomy for brands, to display the brand logo on the frontend. With ACF i added an image upload field for the taxonomy: Image

    So right now i am able to upload an image for each brand in the taxonomy, and i can select the image field in elementor: Image

    But after i select the acf image field, the logo doesnt show up on the frontend.

    Im a bit confused, maybe im missing some code that outputs this image field on the front end.