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  • Hm, well I couldn’t make that work, but found another solution online that seems to do what I need.

                'hide_empty'        => 0,  
                'parent'        => 0,  
                'taxonomy'      => 'MYTAXONOMYNAME');  
                foreach($libcats as $lc){ 
    			echo '<div class="col-lg-3">';
                    $termlink = get_term_link( $lc->slug, 'MYTAXONOMYNAME' ); 
               <p class="text-center"> <a href="<?php echo $termlink; ?>">
     <img class="img-responsive img-thumbnail" src="<?php the_field('taximage', 'MYTAXONOMYNAME_'.$lc->term_id); ?>" />
       <br />
                <?php echo $lc->name; ?></a></p>
                         <?php the_field('basictext', 'MYTAXONOMYNAME_'.$lc->term_id); ?>
                   <?php   echo '</div>'; }?>

    Not real sure why it works over the other method, but it does.