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  • I have done it. So if you want to create Select values on the fly you can use this code. This code saves the “value : Label” though which is what I need. It sanitises the value you enter to slugify it, so its saved as “my-customer : My Customer” in ACFs field choices. If the value is to be the label its easily adapted.

    You need to create a new text field for the “New” value you want to add. Then grab the old and new acf field_ids to use in the code.

    function amity_pre_save_post( $post_id )
    	// Assign the field IDs to variables
    	$select_field_id = 'field_6346f63fec6c2';
    	$select_new_field_id = 'field_634ac0abf3d60';
    	// IF the new field value post cintains a value, then proceed
    	if(isset($_POST['acf'][$select_new_field_id]) && $_POST['acf'][$select_new_field_id] != '')
    		// Assign the new value to label and value
    		$label = $_POST['acf'][$select_new_field_id];
    		$value = sanitize_title($label);
    		// Get the ACF field settings
    		$field = get_field_object($select_field_id);
    		// Add the new fields value and label to the field settings
    		$field['choices'][$value] = $label;
    		// Update ACF field settings - adds new value into Select fields Choices in DB
    		// Asssign the Select field value to the new field value
    		$_POST['acf'][$select_field_id] = $value;
    		// Clear the new field value as we want it blank every time
    		$_POST['acf'][$select_new_field_id] = '';
    add_filter('acf/save_post' , 'amity_pre_save_post', 1, 1 );