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  • The checkbox option does not work anyway, because if you add for example “red : Red” then it actually saves the value AND label as “red : Red” and does not save the value “red” with label “Red”.

    I am trying to figure out how I can allow my customer to enter a value in a post which is then re-displayed later in other posts as an option. So they can build up values on the fly. I really dont want them editing the ACF field settings to add in new options. So almost like a tag cloud. I am surprised there is no tag cloud field. We cant use taxonomies as its only to show on a few pages. But I need to reference its slug in the code, so I need them to add something like “my-customer : My Customer” and then when they add a new post its showing “My Customer” in the drop down and saves using value “my-customer” because I need to reference the slug later not value.