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  • Just to clarify. The main purpose of creating a bidirectional relationship is to make it easy to query and or get those related posts on the front end for display. For example if you want to show a list of related location when showing an event or a list of related events when showing a location. Without the bidirectional relationship you end up needing a complex and slow query to get those the related posts.

    While being able to edit this from either side is a is a nice bonus, it is not, for me the main purpose.

    In this case, yes, it is possible to create a bidirectional relationship to make front end work easier, however, it will never be possible to edit bidirectional relationships from both sides when one or both of those sides involves a repeater.

    I don’t know what you are building this for, but if editing from both sides is a requirement then I would be looking to find a way to do this without using repeater fields.