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  • SORRY this code looks better ~ same as above but w/ variables for easier reading; but still not what I’m looking for, AND I should have mentioned (not that this matters but this Repeater field is inside of a Layout)

    This might be easier to read:

    <?php  //begin some repeating fields for if multiple trips to same country */
                elseif (get_row_layout() == 'trip_card') : ?>
    <?php if (have_rows('multiple_trips')) :
                        // loop through the rows of data
                        while (have_rows('multiple_trips')) : the_row();
                            $first_trip_title = get_sub_field('first_trip_title');
                            $first_trip_date = get_sub_field('first_trip_date');
                            //display a sub field value 
    <div id="multiple">
        <p><strong><?php echo $first_trip_title; ?>:</strong>
            <?php echo $first_trip_date; ?></p>
    </div><!-- end of multiple -->