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  • Another problem I see that I have is a true/false field.
    This is my true/false field in back-end:
    <input type="checkbox" id="acf-field_630c9cc60008a-field_630c9fcb225c0" name="acf[field_630c9cc60008a][field_630c9fcb225c0]" value="1" class="" autocomplete="off">

    What name should I use here when I see 2 acf field values in name.
    This does not seem to work:
    update_field('field_630c9cc60008a', 1, $postID);

    I have tried all the names in the field. I have tried with:
    update_field('field_630c9cc60008a', 1, $postID);
    update_field('field_630c9cc60008a', "1", $postID);
    update_field('field_630c9cc60008a', true, $postID);

    But nothing works. It will not change at all.