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  • Used versions: WPML 4.5.11, ACF Pro 6.0.0, WordPress 6.0.2, Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual 1.10.4

    When I use the WPML standard or advanced translation editor, WPML creates only one entry for the field name in wp_postmeta like this:

    meta_key = ‘my_field_name’, meta_value = ‘the value’

    Unfortunately this means that the ACF get_fields() function cannot return any fields. get_fields() requires an additional entry in the wp_postmeta for each field connecting the field key and the field name:

    meta_key = ‘_my_field_name’, meta_value = ‘field_my_field_key’

    If I then manually edit the translated post and save it again, these missing entries are generated by ACF and the get_fields() function works correctly.

    Is there any way to generate these meta data per ACF function call? I have helped myself so far by writing each field again with update_field, but this costs unnecessary time.

    And is this misbehavior of WPML actually known? Is there a solution?