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  • North Indian hill resort Mussoorie, often known as the “”Queen of Hills,”” is a convenient, affordable, and picturesque destination. There is no set Best time to visit Mussoorie, but it has grown to be the most well-known destination for year-round tourism with family and friends. With magnificent locations all around, Mussoorie is the ideal destination if you want to unwind and spend some time amidst the natural beauty.
    You will find some jewels as you head to Mussoorie, and a few will be found as you reach between the lush green hills wrapped with thick layers of snow in the prime season. But to see the mountains with white snow, you should prearrange the best time to visit Mussoorie to see snowfall.The weather in Mussoorie can vary, as was already said. When the sky is clear, summers are lovely. The monsoon provides the ideal setting for exploring the hills. Since there is a lot of snow in Mussoorie throughout the winter months of November to February, this is considered the peak season.