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  • I am new to ACF and loving it, but the learning curve is considerable.

    I am setting up a website for a client to sell second hand books. Once the site is up I will have to import a large database of over 20K+ books.

    I am using ACF to add additional information to the books as woocommerce products, e.g. ISBN, Author, Publisher, Book Condition, etc. The trouble I’ve run into is this:

    I am setting up a custom search/filter page and it works however I’ve noticed that searching/filtering in relation to the Author custom filed only works (produces a result) if an EXACT match is entered. E.g. if the author is ‘Douglas Adams’ his books only show up if searching for/filtering with an exact match, but not if ‘Adams’ alone is entered. This is a problem as most customers will likely just type a surname in to find books by an author, not to mention that about 80% of the author names in the database follow a ‘surname, firstname’ convention. E.g Douglas Adams might have been entered into that database as ‘Adams, Douglas’.

    Is there a way of modifying this behaviour? What do I do?

    Any helps/comments would be much appreciated and like I said, I am a newbie so perhaps I am just missing something obvious?