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  • @hube2 I’m facing a similar challenge so I am posting my question here rather than opening a new thread.

    I am building a new using Flexible Content + Repeater Field. This is an example of the edit screen: So we have a repeater field that holds the flexible content. The reason for using the repeater field is to act as a container wrapper in case the client wants to customize colors, backgrounds, etc. Then each of the sub section also has those similar options.

    I am also extensively using “clone” field so all the layouts in flexible content are cloned in different groups like this:

    While this is working perfectly in terms of functionality, I am facing a performance issue on the edit screen. It takes around 20 to 40 seconds to load the fields. However, once it’s loaded, I can easily edit the fields. The problem with this is that it becomes hard for me as well as the client to be able to edit something quickly.

    Is there anything I can do to improve the performance in some way? In the past, I know that when I didn’t wrap the repeater field around the flexible content, it worked better. However, that repeater field is quite important for styling and functionality part.

    Any help or right direction would be appreciated.