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  • Looked into this a bit more now, and it appears that the ACF PRO action save_post in forms/post.php is never called in the current state of my website here.

    Edit: Seems to be different, still testing…

    Edit 2: Seems to be problem around suppress_filter.

    With suppress_filter=false and WPML active, trying to get a field in _acf_get_field_by_key() does not return data.

    If I change _acf_get_field_by_key() to suppress_filter=true, it looks like the correct post is returned by get_posts() but it actually is the opposite language, so a query with acf_field_key=field_1 returns a post with post_name=field_2, weird.

    Example log with suppress_filter=true


    returns a $field with

    $field[ID]=4032 (wrong language)
    $field[label]=Adresse (wrong language)

    Note the not matching key.