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  • Hi I will try to explain my proposal
    I have a problem when a content manager is lazy person and don’t want to write 2-3 paragraphs for short description of post (I made it by ACF field). I want change this problem like a developer. I’m solving this problem, but in a bad way and you could help fix it =)
    Can you please change the field ‘Character Limit’ and make <input type=”range”> instead of <input type=”number”>. If you make a change, it will help users to set not only the upper limit of the available characters, but also the lower limit. This value, in my understanding should have two values, – min value and max value. By default let it be 0 value in both meanings.

    – min value number can’t be more than max value number. (but if max value===0 it’s OK)
    – if field will be Required, person can’t save file if numbers of symbols will be less than the specified value

    I hope you will consider my suggestion and be able to implement it in the next version of the plugin. Thanks