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  • Thanks for the quick response.

    I’m not surprised that you’re confused, because this is hard to explain and I didn’t do a great job of explaining.

    I have a production site and a test site. I made some changes to the fields on the test site (things like field labels). Using v4, I (mistakenly) thought I could use ACF’s “Export to XML” feature to overwrite the existing fields on the live site. That didn’t work, because Tools–>Import won’t let you overwrite existing post types (I can’t remember the error exactly, but it’s something like that). In order to get the custom fields for production and test in sync, I had to manually make the changes to production that I made on test (which is fine).

    My working theory is that trying and failing to import fields as described above leaves some kind of trail in the database, and migrating from v4 to v5 makes that trail visible, hence all of the duplicate fields that you can see in the screenshot.

    Does that make more sense?

    It’s possible that this is a red herring, in which case my problem is that migrating from v4 to v5 creates a bunch of duplicate fields and I have no idea why.