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  • In order for fields to appear and for there to be a location the page must be either post type of a taxonomy. The URL indicates a custom admin page


    This cannot be used for an acf location rule because this page does not call any of the hooks used by ACF for adding custom fields.

    This type of page is similar to the page located at options-general.php. ACF cannot be used to add fields to these places.

    To do this would require altering the template or function that shows the form on the page and using acf_form() with the “form” argument set to false to insert the ACF form between the form tags of the other existing form. Depending on the plugin it might be possible that they provide some type of hook to do this but not in most cases. You need to contact the developer of the other plugin and find out if they provide any mechanism for modifying the form on that admin page.