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  • I find that extremely interesting. For example, this is a field I created for a plugin for ACF4

    array('key' => '_acf_key_acfop_menu',
          'label' => 'Menu Text',
          'name' => '_acfop_menu',
          'type' => 'text',
          'instructions' => 'Will default to title if left blank.',
          'default_value' => '',
          'placeholder' => '',
          'prepend' => '',
          'append' => '',
          'formatting' => 'none',
          'maxlength' => '')

    I was thinking to myself… “It would be nice if all those fields didn’t appear in the ‘Custom Fields’ drop down in WP”… so I tried changing them to start with an underscore. When that worked I just started changing the “key” value to whatever I wanted and that worked.

    If this is a bug in ACF4 I would ask that it’s a bug you ignore. 😛