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  • I can understand your worry, but I’m not concerned. It is a simple JS slider that uses jQuery. Well, maybe not completely simple. The worst thing that could happen is that something in jQuery gets removed and it will need some simple changes. In that event I would likely fix it myself and submit a pull request, that is if someone else doesn’t do it first. But I’m betting that slick will outlast me as it is today.

    I also have not given up on someone else taking over managing the project. Someone has volunteered as recently as last month and it sometimes takes Ken a while to reply to issues

    If I really needed to use something else I would more than likely use the bootstrap carousel. But then I don’t developer for gutenberg blocks and I use bootstrap for all custom themes.

    If bootstap did not work then I would likely develop a custom slider that met the specific needs of the client, I haven’t done that in years.

    I just did some looking for others but they all seem to list the ones you’ve already mentioned. Seems like no one is maintaining anything or building anything new.