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  • Dear Sirene,

    First, thanks for your clever and direct opinion without any low attack (fresh air…), and your good advice about, I will take a look.

    Just a point about difficulty, it is totally relative, when you are not a english language native (like me, french too even I live in Thailand) and a beginner, it is not easy, more when you don’t have time to understand each plugin (I use more than 30 on my WP templates).

    After you totally right for one point, if you want to become Developper, the minimum is to learn how your tools works, but my case and many people who want to use a custom fields plugin, we are just users of WP and need just easy way to add custom fields on our template, no more.

    So perhaps I am not in the right place as ACF look like a tool only for developpers and advanced users, but so the communication is totally not fair and clear about this point.