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  • @igurman

    This forum is users helping users. There is generally no one involved in the actual development of ACF that monitors these forums and answers questions. The only exception to this it what the developers to a bit of monitoring after a new version is released and then they only look for topics that could be bugs.

    Me, I’m just a glorified user of ACF. I use it a lot and I know a lot about it. I do my best to answer questions that I can answer, but I have my limits. I’m also not able to come here all the time and I might miss a few.

    The main reason that questions go unanswered for a long time can be complex. There simply may not be anyone that knows the answer. Or the question does not have enough information. Or the question does not really have anything to do with ACF or it does but in combination with some other plugin that no one understands. As an example of the last there are a lot of questions that have to do with using ACF in combination with some page builder and it would be important to understand that page builder to answer the question.

    In the case of the OP, I may have missed it a year ago. Or I looked at it and could not really figure out what was going on. Looking at it now there is information that is unclear and quite honestly, I don’t even know what I would ask that would get the OP to supply the information I am lacking.

    I can only do so much by myself. There are others that do answer questions, but like me they all have their areas of expertise. This forum can always use more people willing to contribute their time to help others.