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  • i am missing the “perfect” solution by ACF, but thanks for your way to do it in the right direction.

    I want to include it in the boilerplate too and “feel” that it could be not the perfect way. I used your direction in the start of my plugin development but now i try to build it new from a blank template and want to do it “in a perfect way”. Your direction is good but i missed the point to create the needed fields – in my old version i add a function “create fields” and called this in boilerplate admin hooks – i think there must be a better solution? Is this right?

    Calling the creating fields function in init was not possible for me because some included functions havent worked for me and so i called it in the admin hooks but where is the better solution?

    I miss a guide from ACF for perfect integration. They want to sell the plugin and should do a little bit more for the developers.