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  • Thanks for the pointers.

    Maybe last thing… another way to maybe do it…

    Is there any way to create/store some kind of i) hidden text field and value or ii) field meta information against my Image field on the admin side… ?

    If I could add a “file path” value to the specific Image field itself (to the field “logo”), maybe I could use that to write in and store the value of the uploads child folder for that field (“company/logo”).

    I’m talking about alongside a field’s other standard ACF settings like sizes and “Required?”.

    If so, maybe this is a simpler way to do it than creating a new field group just to put it on edit-tags.php?taxonomy=company

    I see ACF Extended offers a Hidden field that include an admin-side box “Value
    – Default value in the hidden input”…

    But a) this is still separate from my Image field itself and b) it seems designed for accommodating hidden HTML input form fields (perhaps it just stores a piece of arbitrary “Value” that you can render as you like; I’m not sure yet).